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Cyber Security Services

Too Many Clouds can significantly increase your security around people, processes and technologies.

Our cyber security services help businesses identify security gaps, develop appropriate safeguards to limit or contain the impact of a breach, and proactively manage on-going risk to keep you protected.

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Cyber Security

Going back to basics

We’re living through the world’s largest home working experiment; security has to be reimagined to make it work.

Data Loss Prevention

With the evolution of today’s workplace environment, the need for unified data protection covering all solution areas like endpoint, discovery, email, network and cloud has become more critical than ever. We can control all your data with one single policy, so you can
replace broad, sweeping rules with individualised, adaptive data security that doesn’t slow down your employees. You can block actions only where you need to, and drive productivity.

SIEM as a Service

Too Many Clouds’ SIEM Threat Intelligence Application offers a simple and efficient advanced threat intelligence platform to identify emerging threats within your infrastructure, integrating with more than 100 threat intelligence feeds. We not only screen hundreds of thousands of indications of compromise to alert you about known attacks but we also proactively prompt action, such as blocking known bad IP addresses should an alert of a potential threat rise.

Malware as a Service

Our technology can prevent infiltration of malware into your network. Our platform processes all files, analyses the content structure, and rebuilds a duplicate file with no loss of functionality. This “content reconstruction” method isolates suspicious elements and guarantees that all users receive clean and sanitised content, attachments and downloads. Just in case, original content is stored safely outside the network for future reference or analysis.

Strengthen your cyber security with us

The damage to organisations from cyber attacks is wide reaching, including reputational, operational and monetary. In the last year alone, more than 60% of businesses have experienced a cyber attack.

We take a proactive approach to our cyber security services, defending your organisation’s valuable assets and ensuring operational resilience. We do this by finding the right balance of technical and human security measures as well as gaining an in-depth understanding of what threats are specific to your organisation.

We’re living through the world’s largest home working experiment; security has to be reimagined to make it work.

Cyber Security Services

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We can talk about your needs today and what’s right for tomorrow.

In these uncertain times, everyone needs to be able to act fast and develop quickly to stay ahead of the game. And that’s what we do for our customers.

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